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Afzal Hossen
Location : Bagerhat

Prime minister of Bangladesh.


At first take my salam.You are a great leader of Bangladesh and a suitable person for the chair of prime minister.You have establisted comunity clinic for the peoples of remot area of Bangladesh.All peoples of Bangladesh are very happy by your comunity clinic.I am a chcp of your comunity clinic.I want to thank to your son and daughter because They can feel condition of mind of people of Bangladesh.
paran sarker

joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob dan akta....
Location : Malaysia

Hello PM,
For your information your party only can produce Chadabaz, Gunda & corrupt everywhere. It's already 4 years yet dhaka ctg highway not complete! In Malaysia the peoples republic of Bangladesh highcom staff unskilled & of course no professionalism how can they got job here? You can't manage them properly how can you run a country? Do u understand what is good governance? Your one direction can change everything but why you silence?
A. K. M. Mohiuddin
Location : Chittagong

My Dear Prime Minister,


I am writing on behalf of the students of Chittagong University. You are the Leader and only person who can save us from this unexpected massacre in our University. You noticed that from the very begining we the students of CU are greatly affected for unexpected student politics. One thing I need to clear that it\\\'s not called student politics because they did politics for themselves. Our teachers can handle this but most of them are politically biased as well.

Please save us. It\\\'s not only my urge. IT IS EARNEST REQUEST FROM EACH AND EVERY STUDENTS.

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Kind regards
Debashish Roy
Location : Parbatipur,DinajpurRangpur,Bangladesh

Dear Honorable Primeminister,
At first, plz take my respect. I m a new citizen of ur country. We live in a village. This is called Khorakhai Baishnab Para. It is held on Parbatipur district undet Dinajpur Zilla in Rangpur Division.
Ami apnak janate chy j amadr alakay Md. Mostafizur Rahman Fizar bigoto 25 bocor dhore MP hoye ascen. Uni pruti election er somoy amader alakay asen r bole jan j uni ebar election a joi hole amader alakay road & biddut subidhe diben. Bt uni jetar por kono kaj kren na. Onar kace gele uni ariye chole i mean avoid kren.Se jnno aj porjonto amadr gram akti onunnoto gram. Jekhane nei kono paka rasta or nei biddut........
Onk pblm a thaki amra. poralekha krte onk kosto hoy biddut na thakay. Ty ami asa rakhi apni kicu korbn amadr ei cotto alakar jnno.
Best regards
A citizen of Bangladesh
Debashish roy
M S Islam
Location : Bangladesh, Dhaka, Dhanmondi

My Dear Prime Minister,


I am writing just to attract your attention in a very deep issue related to Islamists politicians, war criminals, rajakars and their families.

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Far East Islami life insurance, named only few of the organizations for ref only, are nurturing all war criminals, rajakars, al badars, shanti committee leaders/members and their families, i.e. their next generation, through direct and indirect employments and businesses. By doing this, these organizations are actually fostering their policy of a Islamic Country, Terrorism, which is a clear threat to our secular democracy and thus to our sacred constitution. Hence, we need to close these nurseries of unpatriotic generation who are actually directly benefited by these organizations and cannot be a loyal citizen of Bangladesh.

Your all hard work and dream for a secular Bangladesh will be brought down repeatedly by these generations if we cannot stop the benefit they are getting from these organizations.

Best regards
Dulal mondal
Location : shyamnagr,satkhira

Very Happyear Madam
your political power is wonderful.Thank you for buillder of digital Bangladesh.
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