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Ali Murtuza
Location : Dohrmopur, Comilla, Bangladesh

Joy Bangla
Aminul islam chowdhury
Location : Bangladesh, chittagong

Dear honourable leader,
Take my salam and cordial love. At first i want to say thanks to you, what you are doing for us. We look forward on behalf of you.
We live a country now where no more terrorism like before. you are the perfect daughter of our national heroes \'\'Jatir pita seikh mujibur rahman\". we proud of your success and want to say keep go, we are with you.
dear madam, here i come for something shate with you. here i go \"i am the only one son of our parents. And my dad passed away four years ago. i need a job for take care of my mom. Though i have a elder sister she is married. my mom and me passing our days so badly. if you help us and give me a job which will suits to me then i will grateful to you in my rest of life.
sincerely your followers,
Aminul islam chowdhury
Rajib chandra das
Location : Bangladesh

Dear,Honorable prime minister ,I think that you are a wise person for why I write this message for You.Can you think about Biaho -istema.if u government will published this is as a muslim religion activities in Bangladesh as a marketing add.Then this will make u economy stronger.U thought that how such as a in this religious event many foreigner Muslim come to our country and they spend a lot of doller in those days .so what they spend doller in our local market so this will help our economy system.if u have interest than I have so many creative idea how u will make this religion event as a government business .Hope that you will understand this and make our country better position in the world.Also thanks to you to give us this type of opportunity. Rajib(artist,designer).....
Engineer fahim
Location : Chittagong

I am simple a person, I passed diploma in computer science in 2014, now I admitted into portcity university international Chittagong.... I a dreem, I want to tall you.... plz give me your email id...
sandeep dubey
Location : india

madam prime minister,
minority community in your country are living fearful life.they are being threatened and harrased by some anti social element please madam help them to live a dignified life.
Tajuddin Ahmed
Location : USA, New Hampshire, Hudson

Dear Hon. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am writing to you after long time in a very very fragile situation in Bangladesh. What is happening in our beloved country and why innocent peoples are burning and dying who do not understand any politics. Jamaat-shibirs are behind of all these evil activities. Demolish these evil and bad elements from our country.

I have written to you several times to cut the tail of Jamaat shibir as soon as possible, but it looks like they became more stronger. They are snakes like python, whenever they will get any chance, they will byte you for sure. I can't understand why you are delaying to destroy those bad elements from our country. Please try to understand and band Jammat-shibir as soon as possible.

Also please take control of Islami Bank as soon as possible which is the main strength of this evil Hippocratic party.

Please keep in mind, if you try to compromise with Jamaat-shibir by any means, we will not forgive. Do not trust all of your leaders blindly. Please take care yourself.

May Allah bless you and our beloved country.

Joy Bangla

Tajuddin Ahmed
Location : Badda,Dhaka

Dear honorable prime minister,
As a daughter of national father you doing your best for our country. You and your father were respected leader of my father. He passed away in 2004. As alike as my father my family and aslo me repect you a lot. I have one requeat to you, please do something hardly against drug. Its destroying our merotious society and increasing crime. I have completed bachelor in Physics from University of Dhaka in 2013 but still now i am job less. Cause drug has taken 3 years from my life and given a long term pain. An addict is not only destroying him/herself but also destroying their family as well as country. Now i am fine,free from drug and looking for a job to live happily with my familly. Please pray for me
may Allah bless you.


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