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Location : Noakhali

salam madam. Madam we r suffuring in great prob. We hav complit our academic study last yer August. Bt we was in 2011th batch in M.A. Nd our result had been publish Dece 2014. So ours hav only 2 yers to entr any job. Bt we dnt get any job yet after trying bst. So my request to u plz hlp us. No one can hlp us without u. U r our last hope. Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Phokir Rony
Location : Dhaka

Assalamuaikum Its rony now I m staying in Uttora. I need Help. Call me please. if u call me please don\'t tell my parents that u re govt people. just say them we, or I need to talk with Rony. bye send regards to all.And yes please give me a number to contact. whenever I want to contact with u I can contact with you. thanks. bye Its Phokir Rony. Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green
Location : Malaysia

Apa kemon achen? Very Happy
G.kibria khan
Location : Bangladesh,gopalganj,ulpur

Dear.Honorable prime minister, assalamualaikum, Apa My father,Mr.habibur rahman son of gopalganj.He is not a proffesional to create any statue.but he was made a 7\\\" height&600kg weight statue of father of nation Bangabandhu sheikh mujibur rahman in 2004. which published on 10 oct2004 in16 page on dainik janakantha.and other local newspaper.but he is fail to communicate with you with many process.now i am trying to meet with you to give a small statue of your father.now my father is in bed.this is last wish of my father that he want to give you that statue &some document.but l am hopeless last 35 day I stay dhaka & many time tryto entering gonobhabon&your pm office and waiting hour after hour.atlast i back khulna to complete my mother galbladder stone remoeval opperation.we do not want something.onlywant to give u statue.Giving picture i want to capture for my father then he will die with pleassure.Jodi amar pita apnar pitar vashkorjo valobasha sara r kono kisu chaiten tahole apni 3rd time power a asen tahole agei nite parten.R2004 shal Bnp-joot shashonamole banaten na.tini onek lanchito hoicilen..short time a responons kamona kre shesh korsi.
mailing adress. fan.wanna.fun@gmail.com Shocked
alamin ahmed
Location : sylhet

Rayhaan Ahmed Khan
Location : Bangladesh, Dhaka, Uttara


Most important TALK that is WHY AND HOW COULD YOU LET THE BRITISH HIGH COMMISSIONER TO BE TRANSFERRED TO INDIA(DELHI)? Don't we have any value as Bangladeshi? Do you have any value?
India influence etc are trying to stop us the Bangladeshi from achieving higher studies from abroad.

IM a cadet from western maritime academy, my academy is in collaboration with city of Glasgow college, now when we went to go for 2nd year to study in Scotland, our visa was refused for nothing, absolute nothing from visa processing unit in India! This is highly something among Indian and their influence. Maximum visa for UK especially Tier4 student visas are getting rejected for nothing! Why OUR GOVERNMENT NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT! WHY!Student's lives are getting wasted! Give a thought in this matter ASAP for not just for us for everyone including you, because we have an image to live by not just like a dog who gets rejected from every side!!!!!!
and please for mariners, please improve this side for Bangladesh's mariners esp in visa sector!

Thank you
Location : Faridpur,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Honorable Prime Minister Apu, I, Basid-Ur-Rahman(20) grand son of late MP Abdur Rouf Miah(faridpur-1). Dear Apu actually I have no complains.I have knocked you for something emergency.Apu it is very very urgent to meet you.I would like to say something very urgent. Please Apu give me your valuable 20 minutes.I will be waiting for your kind permission.Apu I am hopeful that you will permit me. Apu it is very urgent.Dear Apu,again say it is very urgent.
Thak you Apu.
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