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Mesbah Uddin
Location : Bangladesh, Dhaka

Dear Administrator,

This is a true story which I came across online, it was published on Bangladesh Protidin (last page) on the 22nd of October, 2014 – “Desher Mayer Kole Amar Maa.”

As an ordinary working class citizen of Bangladesh my heart was very touched by the compassion and greatness shown by our Honorable Prime Minister. I believe that our country is very fortunate to have such a loving and caring Mother of our Nation.

I request you to publish this on your website/page so that all my fellow Bangladeshi brothers and sisters can also read this heartwarming true story.

Yours Sincerely,

Mesbah Uddin
Shatila Fairooz
Location : Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Dear Prime Minister,

Would it be possible to have a branch of High Commission for Bangladesh in the city of Toronto? It is a huge hassle to travel to all the way to Ottawa. Toronto is a bigger city than Ottawa which means there are more Bangladeshi people in need.


Shatila Fairooz, a student from UofT
Md. Mahabubul Alam
Location : Demra, Dhaka

Dear Mother,
How are you? Hope you are fine. I am mahabubul alam, My mother’s name Monira Bagumn . Our home district is Sherpur. From three years i want to say something about my mother. My mother was passed away three years ago. She was very much crazy about you and love you. From my childhood she teaches us why you better then others. You know when Caretaker Gov. Arrest you she was very much worry about you and take Nofol Ruza for you. Also always pray for you. Now she is no more. I miss my mother very much. So many people in Bangladesh they love you like my mother.
She always said if I need any support or any danger then communicate with and you must be helping me. I also believe that because who have nothing you must be help him. Now I need one recommendation from you. Please help me. Please…
I Do not know this mail reach to you or not. You read this mail or not. But I am hopeful. Thank You for your time consideration.
Your Son,
Md.Mahabubul Alam
Location : Qatar

Dear Prime Minister,

Please do something about the ban of Bangladeshi worker in UAE.
we are suffering here.
Mahedi Hasan
Location : Zorargong,Mirsarai,Chittagong

Assalamualaikum.Mirsarai peoples want to see as an MP AL-Haj Geas Uddin for next election of Mirsarsi from Bangladesh Awamileague.
Location : Mirpur-6, Dhaka

Salam niben apa,
Ami Nur-E-Elahi Mirpur-6, Dhakai thaki. Amar home town Tetulia,Panchagarh. Now at present Ami National University te (B.s.c) Hon\'s 2nd year-e study kore. amar baba akjon din mojur. but akhon baba kono work korte parena. So I need a job. or, help of your poor found.
Sec-6, Road-19, house-15
Mirpur dhaka-1216
Mob: 01762703420, 01864254558
Engr. Partha Kumar Rakshit
Location : Dubai, UAE

Her Highness Honorable prime minister we like to invite you to attend a dinner party with Engineer society of CUET and with their family during your short visit of Dubai, UAE.

We know you have very tight schedule but we will be very happy if you spend your valuable time with us.
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