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Md.hasibul hosen
Location : dhaka,bangladesh.

honourable prime minister,your govt. Is doing well but your party is failing to connect with people. Please,take necessary steps to keep your party workers more closer to mass people. Wish you best of luck!
Location : Mymenshingh

Manonio priminister,
Ami akjon primary teacher.kchodin aga lokko korlum ja aueo[upozila sohokari shikka officer] niog kora hoyaca.sona jacca niog prapto onek bcs porikka viva den and taderka pora aueo ta niog den.jodi avaba niog deya hoy tahol one primary teacher jara aueo exam porikkhata bivagio porikkar maddoma nijader joggota rakta chay tader odikar ba dabi ograjjo kora hoy.doya kora avaba niog bondo kora amader bonchito korben na.
Please bisoyta akber vabon.
Aftabuddin sujan
Location : Bangladesh,Comilla

Will you give me 1 Bag Blood please? I need mujib Blood . . .
jesmin jaman
Location : Dhaka,basaboo

dear respetable prime minister,,it's my heartiest request to u that i m a student of class bba ,,i m studing at dhaka city college,..bt due to financial problem ,,it couldnt b possible,,it's also noticable that my father is a ill peraon,due to his illness it can be impossible for me to maintain my family along with my study..so i will b very grateful if u give me a chance to visit u nd i"ll share my problem with u
Location : Dhaka

Most honorable Ms. Hasina,

I am a student at the American International School of Dhaka, here in Bangladesh. Over the past months I have been writing a paper on the child marriage in Bangladesh. In this report, I would like to make mention of the government's position on this issue, and what they intend to do in the future to build upon the steps they have already taken to eradicate child marriage.

My understanding is that you have recently attended the Girl Summit in London this past July. I would be most honored to have the opportunity to sit down with you for as little as 30 minutes to discuss your thoughts on child marriage in hopes to get the clearest and most accurate understanding on the government's stance on this issue.

Most respectfully,
Aminul Islam
Location : Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Manonio Prodhanmontri,
Amr nam Aminul Islam.ami ek jon saririk protibondhi.ami motijheel govt boys high school,Dhaka-1000 theka HSC 2014 pass korechi.ekon university admission er khetre Ami public or private kono university te kothar sugog shubidha pacci na.amr baba ek jon samanno sorkari chakuri jibi tini ter sesh sombol die amar ebong amr vhai er pora leka koriache.ekon ter pokkhe private university pora leka korani osomvob.DU te admission moto point thaka sorteo ami kothar sujog na thakai admission test dite parchi na.DU te dristy,bak o srovon protibondhi der kotha ache kintu saririk protibondhi kotha nei.amr icca chilo higher educate hoia desh er unnoion kora, tahole amr sopno ki ekanei sesh hoia jabe?????
Mohammed Borhan Uddin
Location : Chittagong ,Bangladesh

As salamualaikom
doy kore amar messag ta porben
amr kache kicho plans ache je golo Desher ,Desher manush er ,Government er ,
Bangladesh Awami League er koboi opokar hobe,
amr plans golo tader shatei share korte chai,jara Desh er future nie vabe.
Ami amr plans golo Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina/ Sajeeb Wazed Joy,er shate share korle 100% kaje lagbei.
Ami 4 month dore apnader shate shakkat korte try korte chilam.Bt ami pari nai.
Ami r 1 month pore desher bahire chole jabo.
jodi possible hoi 1 br shakkat korar shojog kore dien.
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