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Tanvir Ishrak Aumi
Location : Dhaka

Honorable prime minister i have something serious think to tell you madam.....im a very simple student of North South University off BBA department.as u can see and as we all know that Israel is attacking Palestine and they are killing our Muslim brothers and sisters.almost 400 people died because of Israel's attack.....madam ami akta onnk shadharon manush apnar desh er....r akjon Musulman hishabe ami kono vabe e ai borborochito hamlak mena nite parc nah....as a Human being r as a Muslim ami amr jaiga thake jototukin shomvom korar try korc.ami lok dakhano kono kaj na kore shorashori apnar kache antorik vabe onudod janacce j apne doya kore 400/500 amry and shathe kichu juddher shoromjam shoho Bangladesh Army r boro akta force amder Muslim vai/bon der bachanor jonno and Ehudi der dhongsho korar jonno oti druto pathaben.madam ami apnar and Bongobondhu r onnk boro akta vokto.ami ai borborochito hamla shojjo korte parc na....amr jodi khomota thakto then ami nije e amr hate ostro tule oi Kafer and Islam er shotru Ehudi der against e Jihad e name jetam.Madam doya koren aktu apne unader amder vai/bon der upore jara oikhane mara jacce shoto shoto bacca k tara mare faltese madam plzz plzzz madam amr ontor thake akta onurod thaklo apnar kache plz tader k apne bachan....USA r voye kau e tader shahajjo korc na apne plzz madam piche hotben nah,voy paben nah USA k....plz madam bachan bachan!!!! plz madam plz!!!! Joy Bangla Joy Bongobondhu!!!! (Aumi) Crying or Very sad
Location : dhaka.banglaesh

on 5th january 2014 election there was 5% voter casted vote. That too by fake vote as press and TV channels informed the public . but AL version is 40% vote casted. 154 person nominated by AL passed with out contest. so no voter casted vote in fovour of them even not AL supporters. as the constitution is faulty so any theif , mastan etc nominated by a party will be declared member of the parliment if he remains uncontested. one or 2 seats going uncontested it can be accepted but 154 seats going uncontested for constitutional provision where public can not say anything is violation of constitution. so Yes or no vote from the public is needed to see at least 50% people supports them. otherwise they are not public representative and parliament not legitimate. so the parliament is not legitimate. so any bills passed by the parliament is illegimate.so constitution says public has to caste vote to make parliament member on the other hand 154 uncontsted person becomes member of the parliament with out vote. so constituion is faulty and 5th january election is faulty. so sheikh hasina you represent govt which is illegitimte.
You are PM you must guard your languge as you represent peoples republic of Bnagladesh not a republic of AL. So telling \"mui kar mamure, Bhagha tetul, talking ill of ex- PM etc defames the post of PM. any body criticising the post of PM unnecesarily is an offence similary being PM talking foul is also degrades bangladesh. so you are degrading the post of PM. Law and order of the country has broken down.members of police RAB etc are engaging them in anti public role. feeing of govt not existing in bangladesh has come into the minds of people. To sack the judges of the couurt by parliament coluld be exceptable if the parliment is elected by public and not politiaclly motivated to use the court to put the opposition in trouble.
I as citizen of thecountry advise you go for a election discussing with oppositiion. otherwise the country may plunge into civil war as the majority of people are against the present rule.
Mohammed Shahadat Hossain
Location : Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

With your high excellency i would like to know, how can i send a letter to your mail address please?
mez maul kabir lincoln
Location : dinajpur,rajshahi bangladesh

i am lincoln.i am a student.i read in honours 1st year at dinajpur govt. College department of botany.i am just a simple boy.my father is a clark in a non-government high school.my father don\'t carry my educational cost.i need your help.please help me,if you help me one day i am the biggest man in our country.i want remove my parents poverty.your help urgently needed.your some help change my life.please help me, i wait for your help.thank you.you are the ideal of Bangladesh.i always respect you.
masum uddin
Location : Bangladesh

ami akjon bangladesh er protibondi nagorik...ami akjon student cse departmenter..ami mohamannio sheikh hasinar kase jante chay r koto mar,lanchito,nirjatoner shikar hole ami protest pabo..r jodi amk shamajik surrokkha dte na paren tahole amk guli kore mere din..ami vikkha chayte asi nai amk shamajik surrokkha din...aivabe ottacharito hoay beche thakar shok amr nai...i cant bear this anymore....

Miton Bonik Babu
Location : Chittagong

Madam I am one of the fresh graduated person. I m a young who wish to see our country top. I support u. But ur all success geting dump because of corruption. Few days ago i m going to apply for a passport for my uncle. I fill up the form & deposit 3000 tk on Sonali Bank Panchlish Branch in ctg. Then i reached in chandgaong passport office( ctg passport office) to put the form. they told me it is not perfectly fill up. when ask about it one of the person mark some thing which is not important. when i come back one of the police constable & some broker r said they can put it at these position. but it need 1400 tk & tk800 for police varification. without it they dont received the form. when i paid it they really received the form. If the condition is like that how the country will developed. Pls stop the police varification for passport & start online form summision system. give specific time to give passport.

sudip ghosh tushar
Location : 20.goal para enayar bazar,ctg

ami apnar kache koma chachi ... i am extremly sorry
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