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Md Mahmud Hassan Imon
Location : Munshiganj,Dhaka,Bangladesh

Prime minister of Bangladesh.
At first take my salam.You are a great leader of Bangladesh and a suitable person for the chair of prime minister.You have establisted Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar (EBEK) for the peoples of remot area of Bangladesh.All Poor peoples of Bangladesh are very happy by your (EBEK).I want to thank to your son and daughter because They can feel condition of mind of people of Bangladesh.
Md. Muntasir Kibria
Location : Kibria

Assalamakum wa Rahmatullah wa barakatuhu.

Date : 16.12.2014
Honorable Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina :

Assalamalum. I hope your you are in good health and good condition. I was born on 1980 October. My mother was also student of Dhaka University. I appreciate that you have provided quality food at the ceremony Dhaka University Allumnai asssociation. You are like my mothers age.
You are doing great.

I like the way you are controlling the country.

I think we need to devide our police department althogh they are doing good.And make more cameras in the street. Centarliazed Digital Traffic Control room, Central Digital Post office.

Kindly forgive me if i have said anything wrong.




Dear Honarable prime minister,I am Tazwar from Dhaka, I like your government. I like your work for our country. I wish your good health and improvement. May allah bless you.
Mohammad Rashel Chy
Location : Chittagong,halishair

Honorable Prime Minister,
Assalamualaikum,Your are grate leader doughter.So we are expect more.
Prime Minister,please you must do house Rent policy.
Because every yeare Building Malik house rent incriseing.But our Salary are not incriseing.Please do some thing.
Md Rashel chy.
Md. Shahzalal
Location : Dhaka

Dear Madam,
Assalamualikum, I think and pray you are well by the grace of Allah. I know your kindness and responsibility. You are more responsible Minister in Bangladesh and one kind of successful leader in the world. I know your improvement of Digital Bangladesh by which we can gather all kind of information from internet at low cost.

I have a request, I'm a poor family member in Bangladesh, borne in Kaligonj, Lalmonirhat. I need a GOVT. job to serve my family. Now I get 20,000 taka per month but not enough to serve my family. I am a married person, I have one children and live in dhaka city.
Please do something for me and my family. I have completed BBA (3.883) & MBA (3.729).

I'll wait for your kindness.

Best regards,
Md. Shahzalal
Location : Dhaka

Honarable prime minister

Please be careful about the govt administration emplyees and some army officers.you know what i mean....
Bgd. Hamid posted in India ,how come he promoted in awami govt,is this because of his relative is general Subid ali ??? He is BNP baked and nakedly BNP supporter.so please be carefull....

I wish you all the best.

Ahammad Hossain
Location : Dhaka

Dear Madam,

Good day!

I love you so much as a modern leader. I want to work under you. I am a pharmacist. I saw you in my dreams as my boss. Please make my dream true.

Sincerely yours

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