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Shadman Sarrar
Location : khulna

Dear madam,
I think you know the recent TSC incident. But why aren\'t you taking any steps!! you are one of the powerful women in the world.

Its may humble request.... please do something quickly

Sajal Deb
Location : Dhaka

Hon'ble Prime Minister,
First of all I salute you for the trial of War Criminals-1971.

AND last of all I have one request to you that please take step for the act of 14.04.2015 at TSC, DU. Mosy of the people think and knows these act done by Satro League leaader or supporter. Please take it serious and stands on hardline........ I think AL have not needed to such leaders.......... Now SL and Police are the most powerfull people in BD......Please take necessary step......
Al Amin
Location : Malaysia

My father who is a foreign worker just ask me to request u to make Isshordi Airport as a International Airport. I have no idea about the importance of doing this right now. I am just keeping my promise that I made with my father Smile Very Happy
Md. Nurul Islam
Location : Bangladesh, Dhaka, Narsingdi

Dear Honorable Prime Minister,

Good morning. I am a retired engineer of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC). At present I am passing my Leave Preparatory to Retirement (LPR). The LPR will be ended from 30 June, 2015. As there is no pension system in BJMC, after retirement I will get a handsome amount of money for once.

I have four children and one wife. As I was the only earning person of my family, I do not have any savings. My elder boy yet does not complete his education. So, I am badly in need of that amount of money to survive.

However, for some unwanted condition I have not received the money yet. Moreover, I am an ordinary people of Bangladesh who do not have any extra power. In this circumstance, I am writing you to get favor from you. I would be grateful, if you kindly help me in this regard to get my own money as early as possible.

Sincerely Yours
Md. Nurul Islam
Mechanical Engineer
UMC Jute Mills, BJMC
Location : chittagong

Dear Prime Minister,
janina amr ai msg apnr kache pouchabe kina!!! tobe r kono upay na dekhe akhane msg korlam as there is no other option to reach u. Anyway madam almost 1yr holo ami English er upor postgraduation complete korechi, sob possible way te job search kore jacchi but kothao amr moto freshers der jnno kono sujog nai.akn apni bolen ai bekarotto niye r kotodin katabo? apni caile sobi possible as u r the leader of ur country so u hv to take our responsibility.
shoeb ahmed
Location : Bangladesh,Motijheel,Dhaka.

Dear Madam,
I am Shoeb Ahmed. i want to meet with you.i have no another way so that the message. Please just for 5 Minute.i hope to get a positive answer . +8801711...... its my number.
Aminul Islam
Location : savar

Madam, why u use highway?It is very harmful for local people.When u go for some work by using highway there are many people lose their valuable time , money .That is not good for our national progress.So u can use helicopter.It my request u have to use helicopter.
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