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Mr. Mehedi
Location : Pirojpur

Dear Mother of nation,
I am a very poor man. My family of five members depend on me. I work a computer training center as course co-ordinator. I am a candidate of Office assistant cum-computer operator in Food Department. But after 7 months of Viva examination we don't know when the final result published.

So, I request you as a mother, kind me and as soon as possible give the final of Food Depertment.
Location : Dhaka

Madem ame afnak onek Respact kori... Afner kac akta abedon ja ame BSS 2nd year porce, Akta privet companita job korce.... Bristy name akta maye k khub valobashi kintu tar poribar thake kono sara pacce na... Agulo afnak janano ucit na kintu Tak cara ame thakte parvo na.... Ame tak onek valobashe...
Bayadopi hola khoma kora dean amr jonno aktu bola dela ame joto din baca thake ciro kritoggo thakbo afner ja kaj deban ame kora debo..........
pease amk aktu help korun plz..............
Location : Dhaka, Mohammadpur

yousuf hawlader mohammadpur 44 no ward chatro league ar shabek shovapoti jubo league ar ahhobayok ak kothay auwa mi league o jubo league ar mulloyon yousuf vai 44 no ward jubo league ar protisthatha karon jokhon mohammadpur thana alakay kono lok joy bamgla slowgan dite shahosh kore nai shay shomoy jubo league a natritto diyache abong 90 andolone bohu bar kara nirjatito hoyache shorboshesh bortoman mp haji shelim ar shathe 8 mash kara bondi chilo goto 07.04.2014 dibagoto rat 11.55 minute te shesh nishash tag kore jay lok ti bongo bondhu shonar bangla gorar prottay abong sheikh hasinar digital bangladesh gorar lokkhe shesh nishash porjonto kaj kore galo bangladesh aomi league, bortoman shorkar ar prime minister o apni kivabe tar mullayon korban tar rekha jaoa stri o putro konnar voron poshon ar jonno apnader jodi kisu koroniyo thake abong tader arthik obostha akabarey korun proyojone todonto kore janun.onurodhe shochetpn nagurik:MD Akbar hossain 01191367358
Kanai lal Mondal
Location : Arpangashia,Shyamnagar,Satkhira

Dear Priminster
Take my respect.I only want to ask you a question that how way the poor educated people of the villages gets a job except donating any kind of money??.I know,you will not see
my post but it is absolutely true that most of the poor educated people don't get a job.When their parents send their children for higher education,they think that their children will
get a job.By thinking so they work hard and hard but at last they become hopeless.so plz you will do something. Mr. Green Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Location : Bangladesh,Dhaka,Uttara

ami jubayed from uttara,ami akon diploma i textile engineering porci.ami jokon doctor and teacher der durniti deki tokon amer kache khub karap lage.ajonno amer baba ma chan ami bidesh chole jai,amer dada apner babar khub bokto cilen,amer mone ache ami jokon choto tokon to kichu bujtam na,tokon amer cacu ra sikiye dito sheikh mujib ar name karap kichu bolte,ami tokon bolta ar amer dada tokon tar lati diye pita to,dada jokon mara jai ar kichu din age tekei sudu namaz porto ar bolto ALLAH tumi amak arek bar awmilig godite bosche dekiye niyo,kintu aj government holder der corruption deke mone hoi dadar sopno ki bulci lo,
madam apnek kache amer aktai binoti apni first time teacher der government job ar pasa pasi privet school/college/university te job kora bondho kore den,and doctor ra tader jobtime ar bitore onno kno job korte parbe amon akta rules koren,
Asif Mohammad
Location : Dhaka

As-salamulaikum madum,
Please make separate and secret budget on "Thorium" energy. Please just once research about Thorium. It really can change this country. USA is using thorium for last 15-20 years and its a secret of there Warcraft carriers, Latest high-tech Submarine, and may be they are using it in Drones too(nano thorium reactor).
Anas Al Islam
Location : Mymensingh, Dhaka

Mighty PM....,,,
Aren't we free????
Follow the news below....

BAU student found dead

BCL men blamed for killing
A correspondent, BAU

A final year student of the fisheries faculty at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was found dead at a private clinic in Mymensingh town yesterday.
The dead is Saad Ibney Momtaj, 23, a former organising secretary of Ashraful Haque Hall unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL).
Victim's friends blamed BCL men for beating Saad to death, but leaders of the pro-Awami League student body denied the accusation.
Sources said around 6:30pm on Monday, a gang of some 10 to 12 BCL activists, led by Sujoy Kumar Kundu and Rukonuzzaman Rokon, called Saad to room no 205/A of the dormitory and beat him up brutally with hockey sticks, cricket stumps and iron rods.

Sujoy is another former organising secretary of the same BCL unit. Both Sujoy and Rokon are also classmates of Saad.
As the victim's condition deteriorated, the assaulters called in Dr Abul Kalam Azad of the university healthcare centre. The physician sent Saad to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH) for better treatment.
On information, police yesterday morning went to the Trauma Centre in the town and found the body of the BAU student. Law enforcers sent the body to the MMCH for an autopsy.
Sources at Trauma Centre said some students admitted Saad to the medical facility around 6:30am yesterday. But he died from his wounds around 11:00am.
Dr Forhad of the MMCH said Saad suffered injuries to his head, hands, and legs. He was improving till 10:00pm on Monday when the physician left the hospital.
But yesterday morning, Forhad found that the patient was not in his bed.
Golam Sarwar, officer-in-charge of Kotwali Model Police Station, said he saw several injury marks on the victim's head, hands and legs.
The university authority has formed a six member committee to probe the incident. The committee has been asked to submit its report within seven working days.
Contacted, BAU unit BCL President Mursheduzzaman Khan Babu denied the student body's involvement in the incident. He suspected personal enmity behind the murder.
Students of the BAU's fisheries faculty and over 100 friends of Saad brought out a protest rally on the campus around 3:00pm, demanding immediate arrest and capital punishment to his killers.
They complained that Sujoy, Rokon, Reza, Mufrad and other BCL leaders have killed Saad.
Later, the agitating students staged a sit-in in front of the administrative building of the university. They warned the university authority of waging a tougher movement if it fails to bring the culprits to book.
The body was sent to the victim's home town Rajshahi for burial yesterday afternoon.
No case was filed in this regard till 10:00pm last night.

Published: 12:01 am Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Last modified: 11:57 pm Tuesday, April 01, 2014
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