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moniruddin masum
Location : bangladesh,femi

asslamu alaikum. apni kemon acen? amar nam moniruddin masum.amar babar nam mofizulhaqe.amar baba muktizudda. ami madrasar student. gobindapur S.S fazil (degree) madrasah.feni. ami class 9 ar student ami satrolig ar akjon kormi...
saidur rahman
Location : dubai

Bangladeshi sahosi konna prime minister seikh hasina, assalamualaikum, ami apnar ekjon bokto, amar bissas apni parben amader jatir pita mujibur rahman sir er sopno poron korte, jee sopno onii thekhechilen bangladesh er manuser jonno. amar request apnar kachee, desh theke somoso crime clear kore felben, kaoke charben naa see jee partyer e hok na keno. bangladesh er manuser doya apnar sathe sob somoi e achee thakbe. i love bangladesh from my heart.
Mohammad Faridul Islam
Location : Abu Dhabi

Honourable PM, I am living in UAE for four years.I am an engineer,but for few months ago I\'ve lost my job.Now have some offer with attractable salary and benefits,but I can\'t just get the job bcoz of our visa problem.Here in UAE has lot of chance to build up the carrier for the skilled & educated peoples.So please take necessary steps to open the visa as soon as possible.
Shariful Islam
Location : Sirajgonj

Hey Gonotontrer manos konna, manonio prodhan montri, assalamoalykum..

ami akjon diploma engineer, baba ma kosto kore porasuna koriase. amar baba sirajgonj PDB Sromik league er General Secretary. ami Bangladesh Railway te asst. loco master Pode likhito tikesi abong viva porikkha chitagong a 06-09-2014 tarik a deasi. amar chakrita khub proyojon.

amar roll No: Siraj/185
Name : Shariful Islam

thanks .May allah bless You .
Joy Bangla
Mohammad Saif Karim
Location : Dhaka

With due respect we beg to state that we have passed HSC in 2013.But unfortunately our SSC passing year is 2010.We want to study in Medical Science.We ranked between 5000 in last year admission test but could not seek admission because our family is not solvent enough to carry on our study expenses in a Private Medical College.Unfortunately, we are not eligible for taking part in the admission test this year beacuse of our SSC year.SIR, if you give us a second chance,we will be very very happy and gratefull.

We, therefore, pray and hope that your honor would be kind enough to give us a second chance and oblige thereby.
ismail hossain
Location : barisal barguna jala

Bangladesh Awamileg barguna jala
Md.Julfikar Haydar
Location : Bogra,Bangladesh

Assalamu alaikum.i know you are a not only our PM but also a kindness women.so i want to your help.i am a physical disabled.move on wheel chair.i have completed post graduation in economics.my job entry age will be close in december 2014.but i am jobless till now.SO I WANT TO MEET WITH YOU.But how can?
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